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Period of Oscillation?

  1. Apr 21, 2009 #1
    A snapshot of a standing transverse wave on a flexible string is taken when the displacement is at a maximum showing two trough's and two peaks(1.5 waves). The string is 1.52 m long with tension 4.00 N. The total mass of the string is 10.81 g. Find the period of the oscillation.

    I found the velocity to be 23.715m/s
    So then I took the length of the string and divided it by the number of waves which was 1.5 and I got 1.01333.
    Then to find the period I divided the 1.01333 by 23.715 to get 0.0427s, but it isn't right I don't get what I am doing wrong help please.......
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    isn't "two troughs and two peaks 2 complete waves (not 1.5)?
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    It is 1.5 waves because from peak to peak is one wave
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    Your answer 0.0427s looks correct to me, if it is 1.5 wavelengths on the string.

    Just to clarify something: is one end of the string right at a peak, and the other end right at a trough? Or is each end of the string at the "zero point" (neither a peak nor a trough)?
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