Permanent Magnet DC Generator

  1. If I have an internal resistance of the motor and the value of flux and the generator constant, can I simulate the system's performance by a circuit with two circuits in series, one being the internal resistance, and the other being the load, and the voltage source being the armature voltage?
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  3. Come again?
  4. DC Equipment

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  5. Yes that is exactly what you would do.
  6. Someone please find this guy and smack him in the head. My apologies if you are not a spammer Jacob, but if you aren't, why would you post in this manner? It simply appears that you are searching the net for possible leads and just toss something out there in hopes that it generates sales. I would guess that you don't even understand the question. The folks that run this board work hard to keep it clean. Oh well, I'm probably talking to no one.
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