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  1. A

    Position of brushes on the commutator in a DC generator

    i am having a hard time understanding why do we place the brushes on the Magnetic neutral axis, the textbook simply says, because this is where the current reversal takes place, is the point where emf from different meet is the same as the point of current reversal?
  2. D

    Which supercapacitor range is needed to run a 48V DC motor?

    I'm doing a project where I need to hand power for dc motor (12V or 24V) and charge a super capacitor, and then use it to drive another 48V dc motor. I want to know which Super capacitor will be suitable? Please give suggestions for Super capacitor specifications for both 12V and 24V that will...
  3. Narayanan KR

    A motor design to defy Lenz' law?

    1. The two rotors (purple, green) are electricaly isolated but mechanically fit to rotate along same axis 2. The motor action on the left side rotor will move the armature set, this will produce currents in right side rotor that will pass via a variable load. 3. do you see the magnetic feilds...
  4. L

    DC generator wiring basics

    Given a simple DC generator with a single loop in the presence of a magnetic field such as the one below, typically, the analysis involves how each rectangular loop's terminal ends up on opposite sides of an armature housing each of the coils. The analysis is fairly straightforward to then...
  5. D

    Predicting DC generator response

    I am creating a scale model wind turbine using a DC motor as a generator and would like to predict the motor response analytically. Generally speaking, the flow will spin the rotor (as in the turbine's), which will spin the motor, and then there will be what I'm calling the motor response, and...
  6. M

    Quick question about DC Motors

    Hi, I'm doing research for my science project. I chose Wind energy and I need to learn a few things about DC Motors, Who is a good manufacturer for 6-9V .5 amps DC motor/generators? What happens if the generator goes over the recommended RPMs? How do you keep the RPMs between the minimum...
  7. H

    Homemade diesel-electric platform truck

    Hi, this is my diesel-electric conversion for what was a battery only powered platform truck. Its got a 30hp diesel engine, a 6 Kw DC generator, and another 6 Kw AC generator. One thing to point out is that i'm running it only with the generators, no batteries. Here's some pics of it: Diesel...