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Homework Help: PH in buffer solution

  1. Mar 18, 2015 #1
    • Please post in HW section and please use the HW template.
    Ka values of the 1st and 2nd dissociation of phthalic acid (HO2C-C6H4-CO2H) are
    given below. Estimate the pH value for highest buffer capacity when a buffer is
    prepared from 1:1 mixture of phthalic acid and sodium hydrogen phthalate (HO2CC6H4-
    CO2Na) in water?

    HO2C-C6H4-CO2H <=> H+ +HO2C-C6H4-CO2- Ka1=1.3X10^-3
    HO2C-C6H4-CO2- <=> H+ + -O2C-C6H4-CO2- Ka2=3.1X10^-6

    so i m wondering that whether the pH (we want to find when buffer capacity is the highest) is just depends on Ka1...?

    or Ka2 is counted also??
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    What definition of buffer capacity are you expected to use?
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    Here you have an equimolar mixture of an acid and its monobasic salt. What pH does that give normally?

    Then you have the complication that the acid has a second dissociation.
    At the pH you calculated, how much lf the -CO2-C6H4-CO2- have you got?
    Note you are not asked to calculate exactly, only to "estimate". Understanding what approximations you can use and when is an important part of this general subject.
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