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PH Scales

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    I have to place two acids and two bases from a previous assignment on a pH scale using the information I acquired during that particular experiment. The problem is, I couldn't get all the materials I needed so I didn't get to do the assignment. I've been able to figure out what vinegar's pH is but I can't seem to figure out any others. Does anyone know of any sites I could use?

    The things I can place are as follows:

    Hydrogen peroxide
    Isopropyl alcohol
    Saline solution
    Tonic water
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    Ah, I'm completely lost...:bugeye:

    What is the relationship between [H+] and pH?

    pH = -log [H+]


    I'm trying, desperately, to grasp something but my mind is blank. I'm not comprehending anything here...help...:cry:
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    You've given the relationship pH = -log [H+].

    In this equation, [H+] is the concentration of the hydorgen ion in the solution. So, if you take the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration (to the base 10), you get the pH.

    Do you understand now?
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    Yes, I found another site that explained it better, worked through a couple of problems, and figured it out.:smile:
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    Ah, good site Borek, thanks!:biggrin:
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