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Photoelectric effect and SR

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    Hi all,

    I would really appreciate any explanation on how these two are interrelated. Thanks. Preferably in simple terms.

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    About the only relationships that are immediately apparent is that they both involve light, and that Einstein authored papers on both topics.

    What makes you think there is a relationship? Some more context would be helpful.

    The photoelectric effect is generally taken to be evidence of the quantization of light, i.e. for quantum mechanics. It's not really all that relevant to SR in any obvious way.
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    my physics teacher told me to include it in my report. Something to do with the prooving SR? Does the effect somehow back it up?
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    i could comment a little about this, but i believe that pervect would consider it heresy, so i'll just shut up.
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    what? i need help please my work is due in 8 hours!
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    Special Relativity, Photoelectric effect and methods of measuring Avogadro's Number. All started new areas of physics. ) Einstein took up Planck's theory ...
    www.launc.tased.edu.au/online/sciences/physics/photo-elec.html - 12k -
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    Maybe you could notice that, because of relativistic Doppler effect, if you vary the light source's speed with respect to the photodetector, you should have different light frequencies hitting it and so you should find electron's energies varying according to it.
    I don't know how much this could be useful for your question, however.
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