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Photons, QFT and electric generators

  1. Oct 13, 2013 #1
    hi, friends.
    i am 15 and have made a device using electric motors and generators which is able to produce more "electrical output" than the "electrical input". i have won the national science fair with this but the problem is that the judges say i am braking the 2nd law of thermodynamics and law of conservation of energy. but somehow i am able to convince them that we are just looking at the electrical input and output instead there are more inputs from the magnets too. so that we are not breaking the basic laws of physics. and now i am reading QFT and am assuming that the little packets of energy or photon are responsible for the outcome. they are some how adding up into the total energy input which is higher then the input. am i correct???????? if yes pleaase explain. if no please explain.
    please you are helping solve many problems of earth with this device............
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