Phyics Project Help Please?

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I have my final Assignment for my Grade 11 Physics Class, We have To Build A car that will Go The " Farthest In Displacement" , it must not be bigger that 1 meter in any measurement.
There must be no electronics( motors, nos) but it must be powered by a 1kg weight.

Any ideas? I'm Completely Stumped!
Please and Thank-You!! :D

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That's an incredibly broad task you've got there. What, precisely, are you allowed to use? Can you build a rocket car, for example?
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Rockets Nope. no machanical things what so ever.
But We Have to use a 1kg weight to power it, to make it move.
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Why can't you use a rocket? It's not mechanical!

My point is that you haven't given us nearly enough information to help you. I imagine you have a design brief; perhaps it would be best if you post that verbatim, along with some of your thoughts about it.
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Thats all the information i was giving by the teacher, thats why I'm so stumped.
My teacher did give us an example like using pulleys. we just have to use the 1kg weight some how to make the wheels move.
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I'd love to see these non-mechanical pulleys :wink:.

Seriously though, you must have some inital idea of a design. The first thing to figure out is how you can make wheels turn using a mass.
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Ok. I guess mechanical was the wrong word to use, " electronic" would be the right word.
And Yes Thats What i need help with, how to make the wheels move using that 1kg weight.
I seroulsy dont know where to start.
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How about using a 1kg spinning disk (spin it up using a rope/cord). Use this angular momentum and couple it to the wheels after the disk is spun up.
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The Thing is that we don't get to choose our weight, the teacher has one weight, and every project has to use it. its a cylinder shaped weight and it has a hook on each end.

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