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Physics 11 questions please?

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    Hey guys, I was thinking about becoming an Electrician. I need to take Physics 11 and was just wondering if you guys can give me some example questions so I can see how hard physics 11 is.
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    Tom Mattson

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    What does "Physics 11" mean? It has got to be a regional expression.
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    Physics 11 separates the men from the boys.
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    I mean to say "Grade 11 Physics"
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    Easy stuff. Definitely take it, and take all the math you can. Even as an electrician, it will be helpful for you to be comfortable with trig. You probably don't need to take calculus if you don't want to though.
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    if u're in Australia like me... The preliminary coarse is like all equations if i remember it rite. If u're good at maths(good memory/solving algebraic) im sure u will have no problems at all.
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    Forget it I am going to be a Carpenter.
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