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Physics Physics Career in Racing

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    Ok, I will be going to college in the fall at Coastal Carolina University as an Applied Physics Major. I will also either be getting an Applied Mathematics Minor or Double Major. Career wise, I want to either work for a Defense Contracting Company, or in the Aerospace Field. My question is would I be able to get a decent job in these fields with just a Bachelors degree or would I need to get a graduate degree? If so, one in Physic, Aerospace, or Mechanical Engineering?

    I'm not sure which Sub-forum this should go in, so I apologize if I posted it in the wrong one.

    Also, put the wrong title for the Thread, sorry.
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    The answer is yes and no.
    First, think about how many millions of students graduate each year. Assuming that only 1/5 are science and engineering graduates. This seems pretty low. Now consider how many unemployment? How many more immigrants with technical background? How many more employments are available?

    Yes you can get a decent job with only BS. But, for you to work in defense industry, companies would prefer applicants with at least M.S, simply because you are too rookies. Throughout your undergraduat studies, you will disregard certain topics in physics, that maybe revleant to your future's career. In almost all cases, these skipped topics are only taught in graduate level.

    If you want to compete, you have to have sufficient knowledge. You can always apply for an internship (usually paid) work with organizations that you are interested in while pursing your MS degree.
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