What is Racing: Definition and 74 Discussions

In sport, racing is a competition of speed, against an objective criterion, usually a clock or to a specific point. The competitors in a race try to complete a given task in the shortest amount of time. Typically this involves traversing some distance, but it can be any other task involving speed to reach a specific goal.
A race may be run continuously to finish or may be made of several segments called heats, stages or legs. A heat is usually run over the same course at different times. A stage is a shorter section of a much longer course or a time trial.
Early records of races are evident on pottery from ancient Greece, which depicted running men vying for first place. A chariot race is described in Homer's Iliad.

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  1. Savem c10

    How can I learn about race car physics and suspension set up?

    Interested in race car physics whether it be asphalt or dirt CT and chassis set up and all things racing .
  2. M

    Racing car coolant formula ideas

    Hey guys! So, I’m working on an engine coolant for track motor sports that can’t contain any glycols. I think a simple “water wetter” will work. A surfactant such as Tydol X-100 come to mind along with an anti foaming agent and aluminum corrosion inhibitor. I know there are commercial...
  3. A

    Tricycle racing a good contender in future Olympic games?

    Tricycle Do you feel Tricycle racing can be considered a good contender as a potential game in future Olympic? Can Tricycle offers good speed to the cyclist?
  4. wheelman

    I How to transfer angular momentum between two flywheels?

    I am trying to build a simulation of a car engine and wheels for a game project. My model is currently this: Engine outputs a torque -> this spins up a flywheel over time (the physics step of 1/60s) -> the flywheel is coupled with the clutch and thus transmission -> the transmission multiplies...
  5. chwala

    Find speed of the racing car as it crosses finish line - Mechanics

    This is a textbook problem (Mechanics). Attached find the question and respective solution. This is fine with me, i like trying different ways of solving math related problems. My approach is as shown below. Using the graph sketch It follows that, ##s##= ##(35×12)##+##\frac...
  6. R

    How Long Does it Take for a Motorcycle to Overtake a Car?

    Here is my attempt at the solution but I got the wrong answer. The right answer is t=16.6s. I know from the book (this is an example problem) that the motorcycle reaches its max speed at t=7.0s. But I don’t know where I made the mistake that is causing me to get the wrong answer afterwords.
  7. M

    Electric racing -- Custom 4WD Electric Race Car Advice Please

    [Mentor's note: two threads on the same topic have been merged] I live here in Stephenville, TX and currently going to Tarleton for Civil engineering. A bit rusty and new to electrical components. But anyways, here in town lawnmower racing is kind of a big event. Many of us have 600cc crotch...
  8. I

    Help, Ice racing tire - which one will destroy ice faster?

    I have attached four Ice racing tires commonly used on cars and trucks. One of these is my own personal design that I have been racing with for a couple years now and still in the R/D stage but everyone keeps telling me my tire will destroy the ice we race on (think oval track) too fast and I...
  9. ferrariistheking

    Formula 1 Racing: Evolution or Standardization?

    Anybody interested in Formula 1 racing?
  10. Scargo

    Building and Racing Cars: Seeking Help with Engineering and Physics Challenges

    I am retired. I have a hobby of building my own engines, transmissions and doing all the work to my cars and racing in advanced high performance driver education (HPDE) or "track day" formats. I used to road race... I am building an 818R kit car but currently have a fully track prepared Subaru...
  11. Grace204

    Drag Racing Acceleration Question

    Homework Statement Drag racing usually involves two cars racing each other over a set distance. Although distances range from 200 m to 1 km, the 400.0 m drag race is the most popular. This race tests a vehicle's acceleration and top speed. Data collected on a race by a dragster- Distance (m) |...
  12. Z

    Racing topic - Adding weight requires more or less KE?

    In a race car, coming off a slow turn and going into a long straight approaching a slow turn. if two identically powered cars (say 400hp at the rear tires but one at 3000lbs and the other at 3500lbs) are racing, would one car require more capable brakes than the other? I subscribe to the laws...
  13. iamchattha

    Racing Car's Avg Speed: Find the Answer!

    Homework Statement A racing car accelerates uniformly through three gears, changes with the following average speed 20 for 2.0 s 40 for 2.0 s 60 for 6.0 s what is the overall average speed of the car? a) 12 b) 13.3 c) 40 d) 48 e) 37 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  14. M

    What sparked your passion for engineering?

    Hi, I'm new to PF, and I just figured I'd explain myself. I'm a High School freshman, and I love engineering. I love robotics, aerodynamics, astronomy, astrophysics, and computers. My favorite scientist is Neil DeGrasse Tyson. (I've read all his papers). My two biggest hobbies are computers and...
  15. W

    Why do we use racing slicks if surface area =/= friction?

    I understand how surface area does not come into the equation governing the resistance an object has to sliding. It leads one to believe that all tires would perform equally in dry conditions. Why do people then say that bald tires give better grip?
  16. A1337STI

    Is a heat vs Mu chart Misleading? What factors into Mu? (brake pads)

    So I was trying to understand some Mu charts of Brake pads for cars. I thought that Mu was basically a "calculated, or measured constant " which could be used to compare friction between 2 materials. like a solid iron Rotor, and a brake pad. I was thinking that a simple chart that shows...
  17. Jam 1959

    Automotive Wind tunnel to do smoke testing of my Formula Vee racing car

    Hello.I need help with wind tunnel.The test section is 2m x 2.5 m x 5 m long.How do I work out size of inlet cone.Thanks in advance
  18. Suraj M

    Racing on Water Slides: Does Weight Matter?

    I had a small question regarding water slides. Imagine 2 identical water slides, let the slides be a fun one as in with all the ups and downs, of course not going higher than the initial height! If two people have a race: would their weights matter? If so who would win? Also if they were of...
  19. andro

    Drag racing acceleration and friction

    In a drag race starting from rest, assume we have constant acceleration and the acceleration is limited by tire friction. I understand we have ##v(t) = at## and I have read elsewhere on this forum that ##a = \mu_sg## where ##\mu_s## is the static friction involved, and ##g## is the acceleration...
  20. H

    Kinematics question -- 2 runners racing with different acceleration rates

    Homework Statement Justin is racing Mark. Justin accelerates from rest at the starting point at 1.2 m/s^2 [E]. Mark is still adjusting his equipment and 2.0 s later begins to accelerate at 1.5 m/s^2 [E]. Where and when does Mark catch up to Justin? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I...
  21. Y

    Kinematics Question -- 2 Runners Racing Each Other

    Homework Statement Dave and Andrew are racing. Dave running at a constant speed of 20m/s is passed by Andrew. 2.0s after Andrew passes, Dave accelerates at 1.0m/s^2 until he catches up with Andrew 25s later. What is Andrew's velocity (he does not accelerate)? Homework Equations...
  22. burtonk

    Can Changes in Race Times Affect Calculations for Horse Racing?

    Hi folks, I'm new here and I am looking for some help with calculations for a horse racing article that I am writing. I don't specifically know how to tackle the problem; which is "Does one length* (see glossary below) equal the industry standard 0.2 seconds, and does a change in the time...
  23. B

    Speedway Motorcycle Racing Physics

    At least in the US, it's rare to find anyone that is familiar with speedway racing, so here is a very basic description of the sport: Four riders race around a dirt oval track on single-speed motorcycles with no brakes. They slide sideways around the corners. Here is a sample video: I...
  24. P

    Acceleration, bicyclists and ski racing

    So I'm a 195# cyclist, coasting down a hill. I pass the 120 # cyclist who is also coasting. I'm not sure why. Ignoring wind resistance and friction - which I believe aren't significant here - shouldn't we accelerate at the same rate? I believe it has to do with the fact that I'm carrying...
  25. D

    Racing car and frictional forces question

    [b]1. A racing car of mass 950kg accelerates from 30km/h to 170km/h over a distance of 220 meters. Frictional forces and wind resistance can be assumed to be 750N. Determine the tractive force produced by the car to provide this acceleration The car finally reaches a speed of 250km/h...
  26. D

    Two Rolling Objects Racing Down a Hill?

    Homework Statement There are two objects rolling down a hill of incline theta, one is a sphere and one is a disk, each of equal radius and mass. Which one gets down first and how much faster than the other? What's the coefficient of static friction of the hill? Homework Equations Moment...
  27. K

    Understanding the speed of light between 2 ships racing away from each other

    I'm not sure if this post belongs with general physics or relativity, so feel free to move it. I am trying to get a better grasp of special relativity and I think the following scenario will help. Say rocket X moves at -0.51c and rocket Y moves at +0.51c and they take off from point Z. When...
  28. Ranger Mike

    Automotive Carroll Shelby: Engineering Genius & Racing Legend

    Carrol Shelby, Brilliant Engineer, world class driver and one hell of a racer
  29. C

    Instantaneous Velocity: drag racing problem

    The figure shows a graph of actual position-versus-time data for a particular type of drag racer known as a "funny car." Estimate the car's velocity at 2.0s Equation: v = m/s I thought I knew how to solve this, and I made a tangent line at the curve and 2s, and when I do the slope at...
  30. D

    Does Relativity Theory Explain Why Racing Drivers Age Slower?

    Hi, and thanks for making such a great forum! My question is as the title proposes. Would Einstein's Theory of Relativity - Time Dilation, mean that racing drivers age (all be it, small) slower than say a usually stationary human? (couch potato ;)) Thank you in advanced. Which leads me...
  31. C

    Unifom accelaration question about racing

    Homework Statement Two go-carts, A and B, race each other around a 1.0km track. Go cart A travels at a constant speed at 20.0m/s . Go cart B accelerates uniformly from rest at a rate of 0.333m/s2. Which go-cart wins the race ? and by how much ? EDIT: When it says around it means they raced...
  32. P

    Racing to the Finish: A Boy Paddles from Point 1 to Point 7

    Homework Statement A boy paddles his bike as fast as he can from point 1 to point 2. At point 2, he releases his feet from the pedal and coasts to point 7. http://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu220/mapo_tofu/picture-3.png a)At which point did he travel fastest? b)State the energy...
  33. Loren Booda

    Wrecks from racing track singularities

    Do most wrecks in automobile racing start at the singularities of the track - e.g., where the straight path becomes circular? Might this likewise be true of road driving?
  34. R

    Horse racing > wet grass vs. dry grass

    Hi. I am a big horse racing fan, and while I am OK with maths, I don't have the knowledge in physics to explain the following well-known horse racing phenomena. When a horse race is run on grass that is wet/sticky, then a) It will take more time to cover the distance of the race than...
  35. E

    Why is sliding in dirt track racing faster?

    Why is it often a faster way around a dirt track to slide around turns? The simplistic view that I got from Physics 101 says that the static friction coefficient is always higher than the sliding friction coefficient. So, that view would imply that a vehicle would be able to go around a turn...
  36. L

    Wile E Coyote vs Road Runner: Racing for a Catch!

    1. Wile E Coyote, armed with ACMETM-brand rocket-propelled rollerblades, is at it again trying to catch his nemesis Road Runner. Suppose the ground velocities, in hundred miles per hour, of the twosome are described by the equations below: Wile E Coyote: v'=200-8v2 Road Runner...
  37. C

    Physics Is a Bachelor's Degree Enough for a Career in Physics and Racing?

    Ok, I will be going to college in the fall at Coastal Carolina University as an Applied Physics Major. I will also either be getting an Applied Mathematics Minor or Double Major. Career wise, I want to either work for a Defense Contracting Company, or in the Aerospace Field. My question is would...
  38. C

    Calculate Time Needed for Opposing Car to Catch Up at 60 MPH

    HELLO TO ALL... I WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME OUT WITH THE FORMULA FOR THIS EXAMPLE: For Instance, If I am driving 60 MPH in one direction and another car from the opposite direction pulls a U-turn to Follow Me... How long will it take for him to catch up to Me? These are the...
  39. T

    Is 4-Wheel Steering Really Worth the Hype in Racing Cars?

    Won't a racing car handle better if the back wheels could also steer like the front ones (especially during controlled skids around corners)? It would need to be controlled by computer with settings for tarred or dirt roads.
  40. M

    Drag Racing - Involving Work and Velocity

    Homework Statement The problem reads: "You are stopped at a red light, an identical car to yours pull up alongside. When the light turns green, you and the other car accelerate at a constant rate, but the other car's acceleration is greater. You see another stop light ahead and know you...
  41. B

    Drag Racing Cars: Physics Project Ideas

    i have just started with physics and i have a project where i have to make a scenario where two cars are drag racing in a quarter mile race and the one with the highest top speed loses. i don't even know where to start.
  42. I

    How Long Until Two Drag Racing Cars Meet?

    2 cars drag racing question... Homework Statement The first car has a constant velocity of 40 m/s and moves 10 m before the 2nd car starts moving. The second car speeds up with an acceleration of 3.6 m/s^2. What is the time and the displacesment before the 2 cars actually meet...
  43. N

    What is the net force and kinetic energy of an 800g part hitting at 170mph?

    This past weekend - Sunday, July 26th to be precise - Ferrari Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa suffered a HORRIBLE head / eye injury in the Grand Prix of Hungary as a result of an object striking his helmet and visor after having been "thrown" (disconnected) from another racing car ahead - an 800 g...
  44. K

    Calculating Drag Racing Vehicle Launch Force

    hi, I am currently building a drag racing game and I am wanting it to be as physically accurate as possible. my question is, when a driver drops the clutch in a vehicle what needs to be taken into account to calculate the force acting on the vehicle while the wheels are spinning? is it possible...
  45. K

    New to the site, Learning Aerodynamics for car racing

    I just found this site the other day and found people talking aerodynamcs. I start college this year to major in aerodynamic design and thought that you are the people I should talk to
  46. I

    Friction Cars Racing - 200m Race Results

    Homework Statement Two cars are going to begin at rest and race 200 meters to a stoplight. One driver sneaks over and puts oil on the other car's tires, which reduces it coefficient of friction to .07. Assuming the first car does not slip then by how much distance will it win? Homework...
  47. J

    Aerodynamics and wind resistance of racing cars

    I understand very little of aerodynamics. Currently, my high school robotics team is designing a F1 model. Concerning aerodynamics, how do you use the Bernoulli's Equation regarding the design of the model car?
  48. K

    Inertia Moment for Racing Motorcycle Wheels

    Hi, I'm hoping you kind folks can help me out. I'm a motorcycle racer, and I'm trying to find a *simple* formula for calculating how much mass addition/reduction to a wheel will increase/decrease the force required to change the direction of the motorcycle when at speed. Basically, to turn a...
  49. F

    Calculate an acceleratin in a racing (drag) application

    I am trying to calculate an acceleratin in a racing (drag)application. I am an engineer at a medical implant manufacturing company so i know a bit about calulations but it has been a while for most (computers,,) Here is the scenario, we race from 150' to 300'. the quickest time determines the...
  50. G

    What would car racing physics entail?

    Homework Statement Meaning we will be going to watch race cars this year, in physics, and I want to get ahead and study now, but I'm not sure what to learn. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I assume it will be Bernoulli Effect, down force, drag.. that's all I could find.