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Physics Olympiad Preparation:-How to begin?

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    Hello! I am new to this forum as you can see.I wanted to know that how should I start preparing for the National Physics Olympiad,from the very begining.I do know some MECHANICS but it is not enough to crack the olympiads.What should be my strategy,How should I proceed.
    P.S-I was quite interested about maths olympiads and I cracked the reigonal olympiad twice.Now I am in 10th grade and in about 7-8 months the national physics olympiad will be held(when I will be in 11th grade).I am a quick learner(at least that's what I think).So I will be thankful if anyone helps me out with this
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    By solving the problems from previous Olympiads.
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    Well Previous year problems are not so easy to crack
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