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Homework Help: Physics question I need help with!

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    A 240 RMS voltage source is connected to a step down transformer with primary windings consisting of 2000 turns or wraps. A secondary set of windings consist of 500 turns or wraps and is connected to an inductor of 0.03 Henry's, a 0.004 farad capacitor and a 120 ohm resistor. Determine the following:
    a. The Maximum induced voltage in the secondary coils.
    b. The frequency of the ac source required to produce maximum induced current in the secondary windings

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    The deal here at the Homework Forum is that you have to show an attempt to solve a problem before you'll get much help.

    So saying, I will say two things about the parts of this problem:

    a) The voltage source uses alternating current (that's why the voltage is given as Root-Mean-Square), so you'll need to find its peak voltage. What is the relationship between the voltages in the two coils in a transformer?

    b) The secondary coil is connected to an RLC circuit. If the coil and circuit are to have maximum response to being driven by the induced voltage via the transformer from the voltage source, what frequency in the circuit will make this possible?
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