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Physics textbooks from US or UK

  1. Feb 18, 2011 #1
    I m looking for physics textbooks for high school. specifically the books that students taught at public school (age 10-18). especially from US or UK or any other English speaking country.
    thank for your help
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  3. Feb 18, 2011 #2
    Well in the UK, ages 10 to 18 can be quite a range. The books get more 'in depth' on the subject further on in education.

    For ages 10 to 14 you'd be looking for books for Key Stage 2 and 3. For 15 to 16 you'll be looking for GCSE books and 17 to 18 is A Level.

    Any search for those terms and the subjects will give you the required books specific to the UK.
  4. Feb 19, 2011 #3
    thank you, i want the exact name of the books or maybe a link to download them.
    i need the books that students have in public school.
  5. Feb 19, 2011 #4
    Why do you want the names? It doesn't matter which book you get as long as it's at the relevant level as I pointed out. That way you know it follows the syllabus.

    We will not provide you links to download them. That is illegal.
  6. Feb 19, 2011 #5
    sorry. i need these school textbooks (not any similar book but the free given books) because i make a study for the public schools all over the world
  7. Feb 19, 2011 #6
    Well the books aren't free. They aren't given out free. They are loaned to the students - who in some cases may purchase them if they want, but this is rare.

    I don't know why you believe they are free.
  8. Feb 19, 2011 #7
    anyway, i have no problem to purchase them. in some countries books are free and you can download them from the ministry's of education site
  9. Feb 19, 2011 #8
    The books used are down to the school to decide on.

    The government (or exam board for those 16+) simply provides a syllabus which must be covered. How the school teaches that is down to them.

    There are no set books for any subject.
  10. Feb 19, 2011 #9
    i didn't know that. that means that students give them back, by the end of school year; how can poor students deal with this; both in UK OR USA; at least can someone suggest the most popular;
  11. Feb 19, 2011 #10
    It works great for poor students. It means that regardless of whether or not you can afford them, you get the required books. You get different books each year / stage so you don't need the old ones.
    Again, there isn't really a "most popular". It's all about the schools choice.

    Most subjects in my school didn't have any books, only handouts from the teachers.
  12. Feb 19, 2011 #11
    yes, but if you give back your book, how can you make a revision if you have to;
    anyway i suppose that all these books follow a certain curriculum, so can you suggest me the books that you teach;
  13. Feb 19, 2011 #12
    You give the books back once you finish the school year / stage. The next year / stage you get a different book - so during the times you need the books, you have the required materials. If you find the need to look back you have your notes to go through.
    Do a Google search as per my first post. That will give you relevant materials.
  14. Feb 19, 2011 #13
    i've already done this, but i cant understand much from the cover.
    anyway thank you for the advise, i hope that some other teacher will suggest me a specific and common used book for each grade.
  15. Feb 19, 2011 #14
    You're obviously not grasping the whole "there isn't a commonly used book" concept.

    Now, if you do the Google as I recommend, that will lead you to places where you can buy the books - again, no illegal links will be given here.

    My school used these books for science: http://www.cgpbooks.co.uk/pages/productList.asp?list=ks3_science

    I'm sure plenty of other schools do too, but as you can see from the site it isn't a required text and it's purely down to the schools choice.

    That site has plenty of school style textbooks, all relevant to what is taught. I don't understand why you couldn't find this yourself, it only took a few words in Google - "key stage 3 science book" - as per previous instruction.
  16. Feb 19, 2011 #15
    There are some books that you would have to buy, either a digital version or a hard copy, or there are some books which are made to download for free provided under the Creative Commons License. One such site is this:


    Based on that website, there are some Colleges and High schools that have adopted the use of these free resources (pay if you want a hard copy).

    As for a "commonly used book", Jared has hit the point that its up to the school to decide which book to utilize. However, no matter what book you get, it should still cont most if not all of the material of the other textbooks. There is huge pool of books on different subjects, just pull one out of the pool and start reading and practicing.

    Good luck :)
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  17. Feb 19, 2011 #16
    Ivan you are great.
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