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Ping Pong ball launcher

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    Hi there. I'm at bath uni. Our group is building a ping pong ball launcher. Here are some issues we encountered.

    If the ball is to drop vertically into a 40mm tube with air flowing at 6bar(does this mean anything?) will it drop in or will it blow back out.

    Also I'm not to sure how to calculate the drag force on the TT ball through the air. I need to calculate its range and trajectory. Obviously this will change when spinning. Is it possible to take spinning into account on paper?

    Is there a standard integral i need to calculate the drag at each velocity?

    Any help will do.

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    Andrew Mason

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    A dynamic pressure of 6 bar is huge so I have no doubt the ping pong ball will blow back out. I think you could blow through the tube and blow the ball out. I don't see how you could calculate it on the information provided.

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