What is Ball launcher: Definition and 29 Discussions

Ernie Ball (born Roland Sherwood Ball; August 30, 1930 – September 9, 2004) was an American entrepreneur and musician who developed guitar-related products. Ball began as a club and local television musician and entrepreneur, building an international business in guitars and accessories that would eventually gross US$40 million a year. "Ernie Ball" is also the eponymous corporation Ball started to market guitar accessories.

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  1. B

    Building a Marble Catapult

    TL;DR Summary: I'm trying to solve how far to compress a spring to launch a marble 2-2.5m I currently have a catapult built with a total height of 10 3/8 inches. The catapult tube is angled at 42 degrees and when the set spring inside the catapult is compressed by 1 inch the marble is launched...
  2. K

    Torque requirements for launching a soccer ball

    I am designing a soccer ball launcher (like the one in the attached picture) for school and am having trouble figuring out how much torque I need the motors to have. I am trying to follow an energy analysis approach to get these calculations done. Attached is a file of my calculations so far...
  3. A

    Ball launcher question - ENERGY

    I got 12/12 on the above part^ And as for the mathematical solution below I got 5/6 and then 2.5/3 for the conclusion.
  4. C

    Ideal Ball weight to get the maximum range from a ball launcher?

    Hello guys, i am building a ball launcher to proper a line of baits into the sea, the line has 25 baits, each bait weights 30 grams (about 1oz) ideal shooting degree seems to be 45 to get maximum range, What I would like to figure out is the ideal weight of the ball to achieve the greatest...
  5. V

    Class Project: Marble Ball Launcher [Help]

    What I'm here to find out: I am in the early stages of a physics project to build a electric circuit or use an electrical source to power the force that will carry a marble throughout the mechanical portion of the project, going through linear acceleration and circular motion. I'm not sure what...
  6. A

    Tennis Ball Launcher: Build a Mechanical Launcher

    I have a project which consists in making a tennis ball launcher for training kids (6-12 years), but there is a catch, the mechanism can't have any elastic parts (springs, bands, rubber). It has to be purely mechanical. I need help
  7. D

    Automated tennis ball launcher for my dog

    Hi all, I thought I would post my thoughts/progress on designing and building an automatic tennis ball launcher for my dog. The little fella gets a bit bored during the day when we are at work, so I want to build him this so he has something to do other than push a basketball around the...
  8. blixel

    Class Project: Tennis Ball Launcher

    What I'm here to find out I am in the early stages of planning for a tennis ball launcher I'm doing with my group for a class project. I want to find 2 cheap electric motors that will spin fast enough, and have enough torque, so that I can attach some wheels to the spinning motors for the...
  9. R

    Pumpkin/bowling ball launcher questions:

    I'm trying to figure out a way to get better results in a "pumpkin launching" contest. The goal is to launch an 8-12 lb pumpkin (or bowling ball) as far as possible.One method is going to use elastic, bungee or large rubber/latex bands as the method of propulsion. The problem is there are...
  10. N

    How to control spin of a launched ball

    Hello, i have to launch a ping pong ball for an engineering course. We have a system set up with two wheels spinning as fast as we can get them and a ping pong ball feeds between them and shoots. Our asignment is to create a model that shows distance shot related to the angle of launch. We also...
  11. P

    Project: Ball Launcher - Calculate Torque and RPM

    Hi! I am making a physics project and I need to throw a ball to a target which is 5 meters ahead. I will use 2 counter rotating wheels to throw the ball but I have no idea what should motors torque or rpm should be. I tried to calculate it with determining the velocity first but the ball needs...
  12. A

    Ball Launcher Project for school (hit the target)

    << Mentor Note -- this thread is temporarily being allowed in the technical Engineering forums as long as the OP does the bulk of the work >> Here's the deal, I have to create a device that can launch ball, that bounces into a target that is 5 meters away. The targets are circular, one is 22"...
  13. W

    Viable Railgun Setup? (ping pong balls)

    Hello, I'm working on a personal project that requires a very precise, but not very powerful, ping pong ball launcher. Would it be possible to coat a ball in metallic conductive paint, and then fire it from two rails like a railgun? Would I still get a constant net force in the correct...
  14. Y

    Build a Tennis Ball Launcher: Trebuchet vs Spring Cannon

    Hey all, I need to build a launcher that is capable of throwing a tennis ball over a 1 meter high wall and hit a target 2 meters away. I realize there are some threads already discussing this, but my question is more based on the type of launcher. Would a trebuchet or a spring powered cannon be...
  15. J

    What is the best method for designing a trigger system for a ball launcher?

    Hi, I'm working on a project, the project is to create a ball launcher. the ball being a squash ball. 3 balls must be loaded once only but be able to be fired individually. the energy used to fire these balls is 3 1m long bungee chords. this cannot be changed. there are 3 main parts to it.1...
  16. R

    Tennis Ball Launcher Calcuations

    Homework Statement I'm building a tennis ball launcher (as most people did) and I barely have some calculations done. I already have a measurement for my project (i.e. an angle and such), a k value for my string and a distance that it should travel horizontally. Theoretically, I'm supposed to...
  17. P

    Energy from torque in a ball launcher

    hi, i was given \frac{1}{2}mv^{2} = 2\tauΔ\theta for working out kinetic energy transferred to a ball in a tennis ball launcher type scenario, where two wheels are counterrotating and the ball goes between them. Is this right? is the speed of the wheels not taken into account? If the...
  18. I

    Plastic Ball Launcher Lab over Spring constand and muzzle velocity

    The question to the lab is How can the spring constant and muzzle velocity for a toy ball launcher be determined through physical measurements and energy conservation considerations? My lab group and I took our pastic ball launchers(pretty much toy guns) and shot them straight up and measured...
  19. M

    Advice on my Tennis Ball Launcher

    Advice on my Tennis Ball Launcher...That Shoots 90 Meters It can't rely on anything explosive, combustion, or electricity (anything dangerous) and has to be fired from a distance of 2 meters. 2 parts: Distance- It has to shoot 90 or more meters Accuracy- shoot the tennis ball...
  20. P

    Help With Tennis Ball Launcher?

    My partner and I are making a tennis ball launcher for a physics project. We are going to use either a bungee cord or spring inside of pvc pipe. Do you have any ideas for how to set up the device on the inside? Also, we were going to use a camera tripod as a stand, but are skeptical on if it...
  21. A

    Designing a Tennis Ball Launcher: Overcoming Constraints and Maximizing Accuracy

    Ok, so here I go. Problem Objective: It is simply to create a device to accurately toss a projectile. Constraints: -Must fire a tennis ball anywhere between a 5' to 20' operating range. -Must fitwithin a 2 by 2 footprint(basically when broken down into parts the...
  22. S

    Building a Ping-Pong Ball Launcher: Tips and Ideas from Experienced Makers

    im trying to build a ping-pong ball launcher and i can't figure out how many degrees to elevate it or how long to cut the tube. has anyone done this before and if u have help me! also if u have any ideas that woud be extremely helpful as well. if u help me with mine ill help u with urs.
  23. D

    Spring Questions about ball launcher

    I need help ASAP because the teacher assigned it today and its due tomorrow... Homework Statement The ball launcher in a pinball machine has a spring that has a force constant of 1.20 N/cm. The surface on which the ball moves is inclined 10.0° with respect to the horizontal. If the spring...
  24. I

    Tennis Ball Launcher Predicted Distance Help

    For our physics class we have to make a tennis ball launcher and we are also responsible for doing calculations to predict the distance our launcher will be able to launch the tennis ball. I have done the calculations here and can be seen in this PDF file: http://imusion.net/backup/yahoo.pdf...
  25. T

    How Do You Calculate the Launch Speed of a Ball in a Pinball Machine?

    The ball launcher in a pinball machine has a spring with a force constant of 1.10 N/cm (Fig. P5.71). The surface on which the ball moves is inclined 10.0° with respect to the horizontal. If the spring is initially compressed 4.00 cm, find the launching speed of a 0.100 kg ball when the plunger...
  26. C

    How can I calculate the range and trajectory of a ping pong ball launcher?

    Hi there. I'm at bath uni. Our group is building a ping pong ball launcher. Here are some issues we encountered. If the ball is to drop vertically into a 40mm tube with air flowing at 6bar(does this mean anything?) will it drop in or will it blow back out. Also I'm not to sure how to...
  27. C

    Calculating Drag Force and Spin for a Ping Pong Ball Launcher

    Hi there. I'm at bath uni. Our group is building a ping pong ball launcher. Here are some issues we encountered. If the ball is to drop vertically into a 40mm tube with air flowing at 6bar(does this mean anything?) will it drop in or will it blow back out. Also I'm not to sure how to...
  28. B

    Tennis Ball Launcher Project Calculations

    I am building a tennis ball launcher for my physics class, and it needs to be no bigger than 1m X 1m, it must reach to a target that is 2 - 7m away from the launch site, and the target may or may not be at a certain height. No fire, explosives, gasses may be used. It must run on pure mechanical...
  29. B

    Can a Mattress Spring Increase Tennis Ball Launcher Velocity?

    Me and two friends need to build a tennis ball launcher using nothing but stored mechanical energy to propel it. Our concept is similar to a mortar or cannon. We tried some comercial springs from Home Depot and even a spring from inside a sprinkler head, but the tennis ball does not have enough...