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My mum has a constant problem with electronics..................

Ever since she can remember she has been unable to where a clockwork watch, she will stop it dead within a few hours. Even a brand new one fully wound. But this is not just an analogue problem. Now we are in the digital age she has a digital problem. She cannot use most kind of electronic equipment, I thought it was her just her being a technophobe and doing things incorrectly. But the effects are so total and so consistant that it cant be a conincedence. Laptops come to a hault within about 2 months of her getting one (she only uses email on it, how much damage can you do?) When she goes in and out of shops she CONSTANTLY sets off the alarms as she walks through the door way alarm gates. When she pays on a card at a till, it often crashes. When she is working or doing anything with someone that involves electronics, she is constantly hearing frases like "it's never normally this slow" or "its never done that before" even if she is not the one using it. Her bank cards rarely swip properly and the info has entered by the tiller manually. She buys train tickets that won't be accepted by the machines. The other day she tried to check a book out of the library and when swiping her card and exiting through the electronic alarm gates and the entire system crashed with the words of the librarian: "its never done that before!" She bought a new phone 3 weeks ago and now it will not hold any charge. This is her second phone, the 1st did the same thing and it was a different make and model!

I have looked it up online but cannot find anything relevant and would love to know if any of you have ever come across anything like this!

Please help, as I am the one who always has to try and fix her electronics, knowing the problem might save me hours!!!
I once had a friend tell me a similar story, I am unaware of any "good" science to explain it.
I suggest you copy your descriptive post and the Pauli Effect descriptions and send them to a reputable university or two in your home area. See if they would like to do some testing. The phenomena you describe are rather blantant, hardly a subtle "quantum" type uncertainty.

Does your mum drive and does the car work ok? How about a lawn mower? How about appliances at home..washer,dryer,TV,radio?? Document what she does NOT upset as well before writing. Any they react to her presence in an unusual way??

Either a physics or electrical engineering or perhaps even a quantum computing department might be interested in studying such phenomena as in the future quantum computing will be potentially susceptible to environmental influences. Also, biomedical interfaces are now beginning to physically link people's nerve endings with simple electronic sensors to control movement of artificial body parts. Maybe people have an unknown ability to detect/upset such sensitive via field like effects.

Fascinating question; good luck!!! Let us know if testing reveals anything explicit!!
Does she wear magnets, perhaps to improve her health or some such?


Has she ever successfully made it through a metal detector?
Hi cesiumfrog, no she does not wear any jewelery or magnets. No copper bracelets etc.

Hi Naty1, good suggestions there, thanks. And a good point to note what she DOESN'T effect as long as what she does. The car works fine, which is interesting as it has many computer chips in. I have asked her about the washing machine which works fine (although she rarely uses it, she has a house husband for that!) But the clocks on the washing machine, the microwave and her bedside digital alarm clock all do funny things, dont keep time, reset themselves to midnight etc. I am going to start making more notes as to when it happens and what to.

Please keep the suggestions coming.
hi Russ, she has never set off the metal detectors at the airport, but has not been through one for over 10 years.

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