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Plotting a spiral with SigmaPlot

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    I am trying to use the 'Regression Wizard' in SigmaPlot to obtain a best-fit curve to a data set of ~15 data points that map out a spiral. None of the equation categories given in the regression wizard seem to work (i.e. polynomial, exponential, logarithm, hyperbola etc. etc.) and I am unsure how to set a user defined equation to the data set.

    It's a logarithmic spiral so I'm assuming the eqn in polar co-ords should be;


    parametrically it should be;


    and in cartesian co-ords;


    Any advice on SigmaPlot or plotting spirals in general will be greatly appreciated!!!
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    i hope this link might be useful
    http://www1.webng.com/economics/logspiral.txt [Broken]

    source Mishra
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