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Pop Sci book recommendations?

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    I currently just finished reading the updated and illustrated version of "A Brief History of Time" and am almost finished reading "The Universe In A Nutshell" by Stephen Hawking.

    I really enjoyed both of these books and would like recommendations on other books to read.

    The only books that I don't really enjoy are the ones that go extremely in depth on certain math equations and such.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    I grew up on Isaac Asimov's collections. They were originally science columns written for Analogue SF magazine, but were then anthologized in collections such as "The Left Hand of the Electron", "Only a Trillion", "Of Matters Great and Small", etc., and are written at a level that is quite informative to anyone new to science regardless of age.
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    Thanks Guys!
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    May i suggest chaos by james gleick, black holes and time warps by kip thorne, and QED by richard feynman.
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    I have heard great things about QED and from the reviews I've seen it will probably be next on my list
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    "The First Three Minutes". I can't remember for sure who wrote it (is there a Stephen Weinberg, because that seems familiar?)
    "Cosmos" and "Broca's Brain" by Carl Sagan. (And recordings of the "Cosmos" TV series.)
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    There's an updated and illustrated version of "A Brief History of Time"? Man, it feels like just yesterday I got my copy of that book some 7 years ago. Time sure does fly! You might also check out https://www.amazon.com/Five-Equations-that-Changed-World/dp/0786881879

    I remember getting this book at the same time as Hawking's famous text and boy did it deliver. If this book doesn't make you look up to Michael Faraday as the god of physics, then I don't know what will :)
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    Both books added to my list.

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    Four Laws that Drive the Universe by Peter Atkins
    The Origin of Life by Paul Davies
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    I just remembered Sagan's other great one: "The Dragons of Eden".
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    Death from the Skies by Phil Plait is one of my personal favourites. Unassuming and a lot of fun.
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