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Please recommend pop sci books

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    Here is what I have read:

    carroll, sean from eternity to here
    carroll, sean the particle at the end of the universe
    deutsch, david the fabric of reality
    gott, j. richard time travel in einstein's universe
    greene, brian the elegant universe
    greene, brian the fabric of the cosmos
    greene, brian the hidden reality
    guth, alan the inflationary universe
    hawking, stephen a brief history of time
    hawking, stephen the universe in a nutshell
    kirshner, robert the extravagant universe
    krauss, lawrence a universe from nothing
    krauss, lawrence the physics of star trek
    randall, lisa warped passages
    rees, martin just six numbers
    susskind, leonard the black hole war
    susskind, leonard the cosmic landscape
    thorne, kip black holes and time warps
    tyson, neil degrasse death by black hole
    weinberg, steven dreams of a final theory
    weinberg, steven the first three minutes
    wilczek, frank longing for the harmonies
    wilczek, frank the lightness of being

    I am currently reading Before the Beginning by Martin Rees. Please make further reading recommendations.
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    Those are a lot of books...
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    "Sneaking a Look at God's Cards" by GianCarlo Ghirardi
    "Quantum Mechanics and Experience" by David Albert
    "The Quantum Universe" by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw
    "Dance of the Photons" by Anton Zeilinger
    "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Lisa Randall
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    I forgot to add these to the have read list:

    The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter
    Heart of Darkness: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Invisible Universe
    Pale Blue Dot
    How to Find a Habitable Planet
    Cosmic Cocktail
    The Theoretical Minimum: What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics
    Death From the Skies
    Einstein's Universe
    Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman
    Space Chronicles

    In spite of all this reading, I still feel as though I haven't learned anything.
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    I finished Rees' Before the Beginning and am now reading The Shadows of Creation. At what point should I get out of the popular books and into text books?
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    An "oldie but goodie" is George Gamow's "Thirty Years That Shook Physics", about the early days of quantum physics. He studied at the Bohr institute in Copenhagen, knew the "big names" of the period, and has some great stories about them. For example, the time Bohr was showing off his mountain-climbing skills by scaling the side of a bank in Copenhagen, and a policeman came along...
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    Are you asking us to recommend these books to people in general? Who should we recommend sci.fi books to?
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    If you read all those books, whatever we recommend now will probably have stuff you already read in one of those. My advice is to read biographies, such as "The strangest man"..
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    When you get the feeling they're not being completey honest with you.

    Try Penrose, 'Road to Reality' as a transition into texts,... or Sean Carroll excellent GR notee,....


    Schutz 'A first course in GR' is a good intro to GR,... or Feynman's three volume lectures.
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    It's If you've already read those, check out Mining the Sky by John S. Lewis .It's very engaging with a viable look at gathering mineral resources in our solar system. It touches on the economics and industrial/technological capabilities required to say, mine an asteroid or the moon.

    Definitely one of my favorites!
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