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Practical applications of QM

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    What are some ways that breakthroughs in quantum mechanics have been applied to real world applications?
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    Many things for sure.

    How about development of the entire semiconductor industry which has clearly had major impacts on technology, and lasers...

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    The big three I can think of are transistors (electronics), lasers, and medical scans (MRI, etc).
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    Almost everything that involves Atoms and Molecules. Solid state physics (materials), nano-physics.
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    I especially like this practical application:


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    Apparently more than one third of the American economy relies on quantum mechanics!
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    Knowing why the next time you open your oven, there wouldn't be infinite energies shooting at you? just kidding..

    As for the question:
    I guess LEDs, computers, all modern electronics (the one who invented the giantmagneto thing just got Nobel prize some time ago), superconductor, a fundamental understanding of chemistry... well, as people have said, solid state physics really has had a gigantic impact on our world and probably more than 50% of the things you use involve inventions that wouldn't have been there without quantum mechanics. Also, physics would be quite trivial and silly without quantum mechanics.
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    essentially the entire modern world as you know it

    now that's an absurd statement. you obviously don't know about classical field theory
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    Nuclear power would be a not-so-obvious application; nuclear decay is an intrinsically-quantum mechanical phenomenon, and you need to know about collision cross-sections etc. to control reaction rates.

    The next generation of nanotechnology, quantum computers, etc. might turn out to be quite fun too :biggrin:
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    Quantum mechanics is responsible to minimize the device size...
    Analysis of device structures can be done through the quantum mechanics...
    Quantum mechanics is used in the simulation of the device structures
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    Hi all,
    I am ulhas..
    I am new to pf...
    I will be working on simulation of quantum wire structures for lasing action...
    And now I am seeking for free Ebooks or sites which are dedicated for the quantum structures.
    Basically I am looking for the physics of the quantum structures...

    Thanks in advance.....
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