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Pressure chambers?

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    Well, I'm putting this here because I don't know where else to put this topic. I want to do a project for school that requires me to make a system where there is a difference in pressure between 2 "chambers." Does anyone know where I can buy or get something that will put out over 30 psi (and something I could carry or push in a small cart)?
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    No one writes when I am on so you are going to wait a while for a reply
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    A bike tyre pump will go to well over 30 psi.

    What do you actually want to do with this project?
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    Well I would need some kind of chamber to keep the air in, not just the pump. The chamber would need a valve or some area where the air would rush out when it's opened or when the pressure gets too great (so I don't think using the tire itself to hold the pressure would work exactly- though I could be wrong).
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    Some companies sell compressed air in appropriate tanks. Do not use pure oxygen since it can create a fire hazard if use near fire and fuel or other flammable materials.
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    What do you actually want to do with this?

    There are hundreds of applications using compressors to create pressure differences between two chambers, all doing very different jobs.
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    I would like to shoot a ping pong ball VERY fast. Currently the way it's working is simply creating vacuum "inside" the pipe where the ball is. It works pretty well but I wanted to improve on it and make it go faster.

    Do you think buying a tank of compressed air would be better? Could I fill it back up? Because if the project doesn't get the ball going as fast the first time around, I would like to try again without having to buy another one.
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