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Homework Help: Pressure with fluid problem

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    1.) A hypodermic needle is 3.2 cm in length and 0.32 mm in diameter. What excess pressure is required along the needle so that the flow rate of water through it will be 1 g/s?

    answer should be in units Pa

    2.) When a person inhales, air moves down the bronchus (windpipe) at 14 cm/s. The average flow speed of the air doubles through a constriction in the bronchus. Assuming incompressible flow, determine the pressure drop in the constriction.

    answer should be in units Pa

    3.) A pipe carrying water from a tank 25.0 m tall must cross 3.15 102 km of wilderness to reach a remote town. Find the radius of the pipe so that the volume flow rate is at least 0.0500 m3/s. (Use the viscosity of water at 20°C.)

    answer should be in units of Meters
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    You must show your work in order for us to help you. You should also be using the Homework Posting Template that is provided when you start a new thread. We need to see what equations and other information you are using in your work.

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