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Problem installing cd burner

  1. Mar 26, 2005 #1
    I reformatted my computer and now everything seems to be working good again excpet now I can't get my cd burner to install. I hooked the burner up and put the installation disk in D drive (CD ROM) and hit install. I get a message saying "access is denied" then "LoadLanguage failed" then "There is not enough space on drive D:\ to extract this package. Please free up 16.43 MB and click Retry." why is it asking for more space on the installation disk cd in the cd rom drive? when I check for available space on C drive in tools, all I get is info on A drive which is the floppy disk drive. I do, however, have 14.8 GB free on the hard drive. I've never had this trouble installing my cd burner before.
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    Most cd burners don't need specific drivers anymore. Just download burner software like Nero and you're good to go.
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