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Procrastinators Meeting: NOT Postponed!

  1. Jun 4, 2012 #1
    Going through my academic career the funny little thing called procrastination has gotten in my way more than a few times. I've only recently begun seriously trying to fight it.

    One way I have learned through reading is associate your work with something. For example, whenever you do work listen to a specific album, wear a certain shirt, wear a watch or something like that. Whenever you do this thing, you will become more inclined to work. I have not tried this strategy but I'm starting it today!

    What things have you procrastinators done to do work around your procrastination?
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    I have several ideas that I plan to try one day.
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    Never put off until tomorrow the things that you can put off today.
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    Trading addictions. I've effectively funneled most of my internet goof-off time to this forum. Unfortunately this increased goof-off time (oh well, it's between terms right now).

    What really works for me though is to either have computer-free days. The day before I make sure I have all my books in one place and articles printed for the next day.

    That and working with other people. I'm not very likely to procrastinate if others are depending on/expecting me (even if it's just me talking about what I have done).
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    Well...oh I can't be bothered now.
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    Chi Meson

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    I trick myself.

    I tell myself that I am only going to "take a quick look" at some project I need to do (like grading lab reports.) Then once that happens, I say, well, now just grade one of them. Then before I know it, I've graded one and a half lab reports! Time for a break!
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    im too smart to trick myself LOLJK xD

    but if i do what u do, i'll be like, "oh, now that I've graded 1 of them, let me reward myself with 2 hours of gaming time" XD

    I'm still in the process of fighting procrastination and have no good results...
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    I like this a lot actually. Going to try it with my next readings. Of course I'll probably listen to myself saying "take a quick look" and then move on to something else.

    I do spend a large amount of time on these forums so I'd like to think it has some positive effect on my procrastination as the subject matter is the same as what I'm working on. I'm probably tricking myself into staying on here and not doing work with that logic though.
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