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Project Help - Distribution of AGN in a particular cluster

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    Hello everyone,

    As you may have picked up by now, I need help choosing a cluster in order to analyse the distribution of AGN (Active Galactic Nuclei). Ideally I would prefer a cluster which is rich in AGN since I might be able to make a more meaningful analysis since I would have more data to work with. I will be using radio, optical and x-ray telescope imaging data in order to identify AGN and then analyse the results to see if there is any sort of pattern which I can find.

    I'm a 6th form student in the UK and this is for a Nuffield bursary project in case anyone knows what that is... The reason why I am asking is because my supervisor is unable to respond at this point and I would greatly appreciate some help from people who know the sort of thing that I am looking for.

    Thanks, Navrit.
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    Two nearby clusters that are likely to have the most data at optical, radio and X-ray wavelengths are the Coma and Virgo clusters. Coma is a richer system (i.e., it has more galaxies) and is more massive than Virgo. Both clusters are well studied and there is a large body of literature available for you to read up on. You should simply start with their wikipedia entries.
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    My supervisor literally just responded, it turns out that I am looking at the Coma cluster and was supposed to all along, thanks anyway...

    This thread can be considered closed now since my question has been answered.
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    I am particularly interested in galaxy populations in clusters and would be interested to know what you find!
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