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PVC, PEC or ?

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    PVC, PEC or ??

    I am looking for some help in determining the appropriate type of plastic for my application.

    I am in the process of having a slide chart manufactured out of plastic. It was recommended that I use 0.024 inch thick clear PVC. The samples produced with the PVC were fine with the exception that when I left one in a briefcase in my car on a hot summer day, the slide chart took a permanent waviness to it. I’m guessing the car got hot enough that PVC hit a temperature transition point.

    The manufacturer is now recommending PEC for the application, which is suppose to be more susceptible to higher temperatures. Can anyone verify that PEC would be the way to go or recommend a different material?

    My goal is make a durable slide chart that last through normal wear and tear. Surviving the temperatures of a hot car might be excessive, but I would like to make the best product I can.
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    Re: PVC, PEC or ??

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    Re: PVC, PEC or ??

    I never heard of PEC either, but on the internet I found:

    Polyethylenechlorinates (PEC)

    I'm in unfamiliar territory here.

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    Re: PVC, PEC or ??

    The only PEC I know of which can be considered a plastic might be polyethylene carbonate

    however it does not sound like it will fit your application...

    maybe the manufacturer you are working with has something different in mind when they say PEC?
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    Re: PVC, PEC or ??

    Thanks to everyone’s help so far.

    If we assume the manufactures specification of PEC is a mistake, does anyone have a recommendation for the type of plastic I should use for this application?

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    Re: PVC, PEC or ??

    Generally PVCs show low melt and glass transition temperatures. They're also known to be very susceptible to UV damage.

    I'd agree with L62 (especially because you were originally specified a clear PVC) that by PEC the supplier means polycarbonate. Polycarb has very good impact resistance and is often used for bullet-resistant glass replacement and glasses lenses due to good clarity. You might find it scratches easily, depending on any coatings the supplier adds.

    Again it's susceptible to UV damage as well as many chemical solvents such as acetone so you might need a coating if you're planning on leaving it outside or cleaning it with harsh products...

    If it were polycarbonate, it sounds like a pretty good choice to be honest. Another alternative for a clear product would be perspex (polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA), as it's cheap, very clear and still pretty rugged. It melts at a decently higher temperature than PVC too, so it should be alright if left in a car.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: PVC, PEC or ??

    Try High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE).

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