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Question about Electric Potential

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    How do I calculate the potential at the point P? Assuming the rod is charged with 8 micro Coloumbs? I'm looking at equations, Kq/r, and I think there is some integrating involved, but I'm stumped. Here is a diagram....any help is greatly appreciated!

    | 10 cm.............35 cm
    P - - - - ====================
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    Okay, I guess the double line refers to the rod (which is 35 cm long?), and P is 10cm from the end of the rod.

    Divide your rod into little segments of length dx. Assume the rod has uniform charge density and write down the charge on this element. Treat each element as a point charge, at distance x from P and write down the potential due to this point charge at P. Now integrate this between the values of x that the rod occupies.
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    Thanks very much! I was able to get the answer by integrating dr/r from (.10 to .45), and multiplying by lamda (Q/.45) times k.
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