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Question about my computer - what is it compatible with?

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    hi there

    I have an Acer ASPIRE Z3750, intel i3, 4gb ram, and im looking into making it better, i was looking at geforce 570, 580, 590 etc and than i realised that my motherboard has to be compatible before i go and do anything, ive looked on thousands of websites and not one has helped me to figure out if it is compatible or not, and i really want to make my computer as good as it can possibly be, please help. I am also looking into putting a i5 processor in it but im not sure if the computer will be compatible with it either.
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    This is the manual for your computer: http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/Manuals/acer/2011/ServiceGuides/SG_Aspire_Z3750_Z3751_Z5750_Z5751_20100910.pdf [Broken]
    Your motherboard's specifications are on the 10th page. To replace the processor, you need to make sure the new processor is compatible with the LGA 1156 socket (Socket H).
    To replace the graphics card, you can get any PCI Express x16 compatible card. However, you will need a more powerful power supply than 220W to drive most good gaming cards together with the rest of your hardware, so you should upgrade this as well.
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    If you upgrade you'll have to make sure the case has enough room for a new gpu and power supply. Often these prebuilts are too narrow and that one is less than 4" deep. Be sure to also check how long a gpu it can fit.
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    I would recommend www.tigerdirect.com as they are very well organized and you can filter items based on compatibility. for example if you go to CPU, on the left you can select LGA 1156 and it will only show you processors that fit that socket.

    if you are replacing the CPU and power supply, you might look at their Motherboard/CPU section, that way you can be sure to get a matching set of CPU and motherboard.

    toss a few fans in there too, factory builds seldom give you any fans, sometimes if you are lucky they give you one. the more the better. place a few at the front bottom

    The advice on the size of the graphics card is an excellent point. if you are concerned it may not fit then look at low profile graphics cards.

    sucking in and a few on the back of the case blowing out.

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