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B Question of temperature

  1. Dec 31, 2016 #1
    1.If temperature is just a measurement of KE, can a system with higher temperature contains lower internal energy than a system with lower temperature?
    2.Can energy flow from an object with higher temperature to an object with lower temperature even if the internal energy of the object with a lower temperature is higher?
    3. It is said that the gas passing through compressor will result in decrease on its molecular PE, what does molecular PE refer to?
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    Andrew Mason

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    Yes. Temperature is a measure of the average translational KE of the molecules in the system. Internal energy is the sum of the KE (all modes, translational, rotational, vibrational) + the total PE of all molecules in the system. Internal energy is a function of the number of molecules and the average KE and PE of its molecules. Temperature is just a function of the average translational KE per molecule.
    Yes. Temperature difference always determines the direction of heat flow.
    If there are inter-molecular attractive forces (such as in water), there will be molecular potential energy. A decrease in the average separation distance between molecules will reduce the average potential energy of the molecules.

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    Temperature is not just a measurement of KE, though KE per degree of freedom is a close approximation under many conditions.

    A huge block of ice contains more internal energy than a tiny candle flame.
    Heat will flow from candle flame to ice block.
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    I have figured out the questions. Thanks for all your help
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