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Questions from a student with a mathematics minor who wants to do a major

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    Hi guys,

    My cousin wants to start a new BS in math after him having finished his undergraduate degree with a minor in math and major in an unrelated field. As me being the little cousin already doing math, he asked me for advice. The problem is, I really have no clue as to what to say! Naturally, I told him to speak with whatever academic advisers that he can, but I wanted to know what your guys' thoughts were on the matter.

    So, I guess the question would be "If I finished undergraduate with a minor in mathematics, and an unrelated major, how do I go about going back to school for a degree in math?"
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    A lot of the opportunities are likely based on the the class he/she took to finish the minor. Has your cousin though about trying for a masters program in math? Depending on which classes were taken to earn the minor, your cousin may be able to get into a decent masters program (with a solid GRE score as well). In my opinion, earning a MS would be better than earning another BS. Again, that's just me though.
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    I would agree with the above that a mathematics master's sounds a better option at this point. A minor often covers core fundamentals, while a major involves more in depth study with electives and such, and realistically many of these can be undertaken in a master's program.
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