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Radical Experientialism

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    Les Sleeth

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    Scrapped :redface: . . . see my last post.
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    I'm sorry I tried... but I got totally lost...........

    :confused:A minor point first...

    Shouldn’t this say "past information…………retained and cecalled by conciousness", otherwise I don't see a diference between your personal experience and your personal knowledge definition

    Then the important part .... this is how I got lost..... :confused:
    How is this... since personal knowing is that which is retained, isnt this the other way around like you state in the next sentence
    past experience = personal knowledge
    when is this weakened and which part does it refer to?? :frown:

    Lost again..... is experience of personal knowing the same as personal knowing ?? otherwise this one's new in the equasion.
    I think I get this part, but It will come as no surprise that I have no idea how to handle this....:

    Loud and clear, won't agrue that...... there's only a limited amount of information that can be handeled by our neuronal processor at the same time :biggrin:
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    Les Sleeth

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    You are correct about almost everything. I'd worked on this throughout the weekend and decided to post while I was tired. Sorry, everyone, the concept is not ready for publication. :frown:

    However, I am still have high confidence in my overall premise, so let me fix the logic and definitions so it makes sense (tomorrow though, my brain is shot now).
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    Les Sleeth

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    I decided it was best to scrap this thread. :redface: Sorry everyone, I know what I meant to say, but I missed it by a mile. :cry: I'll try again in the near future for those who are interested. It's something I believe and practice, so I am pretty sure I can make sense. :tongue2:
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