Radio wave ?

  1. When radio waves go through certain walls , I was reading about this , do they go through the wall because their wavelength is too long to interact with the matter in the wall ,
    Does it haft to do with the crystal spacing in the matter , and in some cases is it like light going through glass , do the radio waves get absorbed and re-emitted , And does this have anything to do with quantum tunneling , And obviously when i wrap my cell-phone in aluminum foil it wont get the call , Any input will be appreciated.
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  3. Im not too sure about this since I havent read much about it, but I think it's because of its low energy levels.
    As its with a long wavelength, most of the matter doesnt bother to absorb it, because it doesnt have enough energy to boost an electron to another level. So it should pass right through. Not sure though.
  4. Thanks for the response , it seems like more people would respond to this.
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