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Raman Spectrometer

  1. Oct 9, 2009 #1
    Hello everybody.

    I am designing a simple Raman spectrometer for student analysis.

    I have used 532nm DPSS 40mW Laser for this purpose. The sample i like to try now is liquid CCL4.

    In some pages, i have seen that CCL4 show raman spectrum in yellow light., i.e we can see yellow light comin out from the monochromator. Is that true?

    Can anybody tell me on which wavelengths does the Raman spectrum appear in case of CCL4.

    Also I have seen many ebooks with the graph showing Raman spectrum in Intensity v.s Wavenumber.

    Also I seen that in many books, it is written that Raman effect is strong in 459 cm-1 for CCL4. What does that mean? Anybody please expalin me the basics.

    Thanks in advance.
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