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Random Walks

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    Hey there. Right now, I am doing a project for my grade 12 Geometry and Discrete class on any topic of our choosing. I have chosen the subject of RANDOM WALKS, and I am looking for any information on this subject at all, as I seemed to have hit a plateau of information, where all of my new information just seems to be repeating other resourses. The point of the project is to write a paper on the subject, and its uses. I am really open to any help or assistance on the topic at all, anything will be of help. Thanks! :smile:
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    How about exploring the fact that in either 1- or 2-D random walks you are always guaranteed to eventually return to your starting point whereas it is not certain in 3-D?
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    That is actually quite a good idea, i never thought of that yet. That could be a good approach, i was also thinking of incorporating the stock market and how that relates too, but i'm not sure if that is pulling too far away from the topic or not.
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    Explaining exactly what is meant by "..guaranteed to eventually return to your starting point.." would be a worthy related topic. If you like number theory, you might compare Merten's function with random walks.
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