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Rayleigh Refractometer index of refraction

  1. Apr 17, 2006 #1
    When constructing a Rayleigh Refractometer the formula for the refractive index of a gas at pressure P and temperature T is:

    mu(P,T) - 1 = (gamma) P/T
    mu(P,T) = refractive index as a function of pressure and temperature
    gamma = [n(lambda)Ta]/[L(deltaP)]
    n = fringe number
    lambda = wavelength
    Ta = Ambient room Temperature
    L = length of tube containing the gas
    deltaP = change in pressure causing the movement in fringes.

    My question is how do you prove gamma??? - I cannot find this in any physics/optics book.

    Any suggestions on where to start or look will be good.
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