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RC car electric start simple circuit

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    I'm a communications electrician in the Navy. I went through some electronics theory about eight years ago. Now, I'm trying to build a simple circuit for an on-board electric starting system. The vehicle runs on a small Nitro Methane motor and uses a glow plug for the ignition. I'm using a rechargable 4.8v, 600mAh NiCd connected to a servo operated micro switch. From there, the circuit branches into parallell. One branch is unregulated to power the starting motor. the other branch powers the ignitor. The ignitor can only handle 1.3v.

    1) What size resistor or resistors do I need to use in this system? I know one has to go before the annode of the ignitor.

    2) Do I need to have a second resistor going into the cathode side as well?
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    Do you guys need more info or pictures? I noticed over 80 people have looked at this. Yet, no one has posted a reply. I've been trying to build the circuit through trial and error. No luck yet though.
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    You need to post circuits, pictures and current and voltage measurements as well as a full description of what you are trying to do.

    You have some electronics experience, so you should be able to gather much of this information.

    Then it would help if you could say what you have already tried.
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