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Re: Ungar-Weller 4024 Temperature Control?

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    Hello all,

    Please forgive me if this is the incorrect place to ask this question, yet I happen to own an Ungar 4024 solder/desolder station that I would like to use for PCB work. While the system uses an analog (slide) control for temperature variation, the numbers listed on the slide are 1-4 and do not list respective temperatures. Does anyone happen to know where I can get data on what temperatures correspond to the 1-4 (such as an Ungar 4024 manual) before I try to find out via trial and error?

    Thank you! I appreciate the time and help.
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    Welcome to PF, Santeh. I did a little google search, and I think this may help. It's a post in a different web forum where a person was trying to locate a manual for the Ungar 4024, and the reply lists several web pages. I didn't follow the links, but hopefully one will give you what you need.

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    Thank you for the reply! However I must be having an off day as I do not see any posts/link to the original message you noted, nor did I see anything come up by searching that site's forum. May I ask where you saw the links?


    P.S.- Thanks for the welcome!
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    I think what berkeman saw was the bot that posted the google advertisement links instead of actual human posts :biggrin:

    I couldnt find one to download, but I did find one you can buy: UNGAR Models: 2024 / 4024 Desoldering Center. (Photocopy) - $10.00

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    No worries! I know the feeling! :smile:
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    Hmmm. Good point. I see now that the "reply" was by a google advertising robot:
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    Thanks all! I greatly appreciate all of your time and help with my search!!!


    Sam Jacobson

    P.S.- Please do not worry at all Berkeman! :-)
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