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Real Guitar

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    That is nice! Thanks for the links!
    I really like the light touch of Li Jie. She is excellent.
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    What happened to electric?
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    Get lost.

    <text text text>
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    Some of the classics from the early 1970's were pretty good. This one is a guitar duet, one 6 string, one 12 string, with special tuning, the end result is pretty nice:


    A video from a live performance, but not quite as good:

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    Thanks for posting crap. You should get lashes for that.....seriously, that SUCKS....why do we let you live again?...:devil:
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    bah who needs a guitar, how last century


    techno techno techno tekno give me a tr-808, tr-909 and 303 anyday :tongue2:

    1 day we will look back at this type of music like we do to some of the great artists of years gone by :approve: ....
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    No, we wont.
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    We as in the "Royal" we, ie you, perhaps.
    But *we* as in the collective we, will...
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    Techno takes ZERO music talent compared to Classical....

    classical music will/already has stood the test of time, crapno will be a bygone.
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    LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    You almost just stood in the bear trap.

    Why does it take zero talent? What gives *you* the ability to criticise it, are you an artist? Have you even tried to create some electronic music? If so please share.

    Artists like Aphex Twin, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis Papathanassiou, Squarepusher: All push the boundaries of music, the compositions are extremely refined and complex. Especially Vangelis as he is influenced by Bozaka (The most complex musical style there is!). These people are musical genius as much as the classical composers were. Your Argument "classical music has stood the test of time" is mute, since the music I am talking about is cutting edge, and new. Its all a matter of opinion, its pointless getting into a "your music is rubbish" argument, as its a matter of perception. Either you like it or you dont, your "techno takes zero talent" is a fallacy, and is wrong, but more to the point is irelevent to the whether someone enjoys the sounds or not!
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    I give myself the ability. You gotta problem with that???

    No, WRONG.....

    No.....WRONG. Modern music takes a lot from classical music. More than you may realize.

    Yep, and yours is WRONG.

    John Mclaughlin, take it away..........

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