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Reason for people crossing their legs - a habit?

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    Is the reason for people crossing their legs habit, youngsters do not do it far as my observational skills can tell, i seem to do it automatically.
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    I have the habit, I know it's not well, but don't know how to get rid of it
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    I think it's just comfort. I don't see anything wrong here?
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    I could make an elaborate argument from evolutionary psychology, but I'm not sure on its viability. I'd pick nurture or social causes over nature this time around.
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    I did cross my legs as a kid, as far as I can remember, but probably not as often. When you're a kid, you can also wiggle around a lot more if you're not comfortable sitting, can sit with your knees up, or cross-legged, or probably even stick your feet behind your head, and nobody is going to be appalled. I don't think that would go over so well among adults, so we're a bit more limited to just crossing our legs when we fidget. Also, when you're a kid, there's more room in all the chairs. I know I cross my legs a lot more when I'm sitting in a chair with too little leg room and am trying to find a way to keep my legs from cramping up.
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