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In summary, a backpack from LLBean is usually very rugged and last a long time, while a backpack from Jansport is still popular among high schoolers. A backpack from Swiss Gear is also a good option. For nicer bags, look for something from a camping supply or army surplus.
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I'm shopping for a new backpack. It needs to be able to hold up to three textbooks, a laptop and charger, several notebooks, two calculators, and several other accessories.

If you know of a good quality one, please share! Thanks.
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Backpacks from LLBean are usually very rugged and last a long time. They also have a lifetime warranty.
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I've been very happy with my Swiss Army backpack.
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I also have and like a Swiss Army backpack; I got mine at Best Buy. They usually have a nice built-in laptop pocket, a large pocket for books, and two smaller pockets. I've been able to fit several books, a 17" laptop, an iPad, two calculators, chargers, and more in it.
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I used to have something like this in gray, when I was in high school; later also in black, while in college. It holds up very well, and it big enough for several textbooks (I can vouch for as many as 5 or 6...I was afraid of my locker for a while).

Happy trails.
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Jansport was what all the cool kids at my high school had. I'm still jealous to this day.
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I've got a Targus with all the features you described. I've had it for about 5 years now, and have used it almost every day of the year, and its held up very well. My last backpack was a High Sierra and it fell about in about 3 months.
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I probably carried around more weight than I should have back in undergrad, and after busting a few backpacks (primarily ones with cheap plastic zippers--once they go, they're gone) I got one from Mountain Equipment Coop (if you happen to be in Canada): [Broken]

But really, something from a camping supply (or maybe army surplus) should probably suffice. Look for good fit, water-resistance (good for if you get caught in a storm), and side pocket / mesh for your coffee mug / water bottle (or both).

EDIT: If you care about the appearance of your laptop, get a sleeve for it--they get scratched up very quickly rattling around in backpacks. For me, I carried around a second bag with my laptop / adapter in it.
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I acutally just picked up a Swiss Gear (what some are calling Swiss Army) one today. It was originall $99 and I got it for half price. I'd have loved to do some more shopping around, but I really needed to replace mine before tomorrow.

So far it looks to be very good quality, we'll see about durability.
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Whichever the brand, I always recommend one with a suede bottom. It seems to take the abuse of heavy textbooks the best. Invariably, you'll put your book bag down a lot, wherever you go--whether in class or on the green. The suede bottom--while not entirely water proof--protects your books well also.

Anyway, when my Jansport finally gave way (and it took about ten years, as my first was also my older brother's), it wasn't the suede part.
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Sounds more like you need a wheelbarrow :P

I've had good luck with Swiss Gear although I did wreck my last one. Have better luck with stuff from mountain equipment co-op.
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Ok, you're not looking for a backpack. You're looking for a bookbag. I've been using a bag since 2007 made by Targus that fits your requirements to a "T" and then some. Just $45. Check with Best Buy.

1. What is the ideal size for a backpack?

The ideal size for a backpack depends on your needs and usage. For daily use, a backpack with a capacity of 20-30 liters is recommended. For hiking or travel, a backpack with a capacity of 40-60 liters is more suitable.

2. What materials should I look for in a good backpack?

A good backpack should be made of durable materials such as nylon, polyester, or canvas. These materials are lightweight, water-resistant, and can withstand wear and tear.

3. Are there specific features I should consider when choosing a backpack?

Yes, there are several important features to consider when choosing a backpack. These include adjustable straps, padded back support, multiple compartments, and water bottle holders. These features contribute to the comfort and functionality of the backpack.

4. How do I know if a backpack is comfortable?

A comfortable backpack should have padded shoulder straps and a padded back panel. It should also have adjustable straps to distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders. It's important to try on the backpack and walk around with it to test its comfort level.

5. Can you recommend a backpack for outdoor activities?

Yes, there are many backpacks specifically designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and backpacking. Look for a backpack with a sturdy frame, adjustable straps, and multiple compartments for organizing gear. Some popular outdoor backpack brands include Osprey, North Face, and REI.

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