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Redshift and Hubble constant

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    Which statement is true?

    A The apparent speed of recession of a galaxy is given by the product of the Hubble constant and the distance to the galaxy.

    B The further away a galaxy is, the lower its apparent speed of motion away from us.

    C A galaxy with a redshift of 5.37 is situated at a look-back time of 4.1 billion years.

    D Space is expanding uniformly so that the distance between galaxies remains constant.
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    Which statment(s) do you think is/are true and why?
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    I think statement A is true but I'm not 100% sure whether D is false and there is only one true statement.
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    Well, to rule out C you can have a look at Ned Wrights Javascript cosmology calculator to determine the lookback time. Just plug in 5.37 for the redhshift. The light travel time is the "lookback time".

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    Well, isn't it generally true that the farther a galaxy is from us, the faster it appears to be receding?
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    Yeah, I didn't think B or C were the answers.
    I'm still stuck between whether A or D is the right answer and I really need help.
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    Does it make any sense for the distance between things to remain constant in an *expanding* universe???

    When we say that a galaxy is moving away from us, what does that mean? Does it not mean that it is getting farther away with time?
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    Statement A is definitely correct.
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