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Homework Help: Refraction angles?

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    Why is it that the refracted angle > the incident when light moves from a more dense material to a less dense?

    Is there any way to explain why the angle would be greater?

    I know the velocity would increase.
    Wavelenght increases.
    Frequency remains the same.
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    Doc Al

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    Are you familiar with Snell's law?

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    And as you look at the explanation of Snell's law, think about how the shape of the light wavefront changes as it hits the boundary at an angle. Make a sketch of the wavefront as it changes directions at the boundary, and be accurate in your representation of the change in wavelength near the boundary on both sides....
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    I understand it matematically but Snell's law but is there another way to explain it?
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    Berkeman was simply referring to the derivetion of Snell's law , not the final eqn.
    Using Huygens constructions for wavefronts, one can clearly see why the ray bends towards the normal ( since frequenc
    y is conserved in both mediums).
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