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Refraction Defraction Reflection

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    A laser beam traveling in air strikes the mid-
    point of one end of a slab of material with
    index of refraction 1.45 as shown in the figure

    Dimensions of Block 46mm (L) and 3.4mm (W)
    Initial ray of light enters the slab from the left side at an angle of incidence of 39 degrees.

    Find the number of internal reflections of
    the laser beam before it finally emerges from
    the opposite end of the slab.
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    Re: Refraction/Defraction/Reflection

    You phrase that as if it were your homework question.
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    Re: Refraction/Defraction/Reflection

    lol it is a homework question
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    Re: Refraction/Defraction/Reflection

    Well, we have a forum for that.
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