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Refraction of light

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    An observator is looking at a coin that is located on a swimming pool's floor with a depression Angle of 48 degrees. Knowing that the swimming pool's depth is 2.6 metres, calculate the depth that the observator can see.

    (Usually when you look at a swimming pool from with a smaller depression angle, you have the impression that the swimming pool isn't deep even though it is, that is the situation in this problem)

    P.S. I study in a french school in Quebec, if you don't understand something i said please tell me.

    Here is an image that I made to help myself understand the problem

    http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/340/physics7qo.jpg [Broken]
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    Oh , yeah the diagram i drew can be wrong... As i said i made it myself to understand this question.
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