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Regarding generators

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    Hi all........people always tell that the machine has a generating capacity of say 100MW..now... my doubt is..in how much time it generates those 100MW..that is in a day or in an hour something like that???

    This may be a basic doubt...i dont know..but i cant help it...

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    Assuming it is loaded with a 100MW consumer, the generator will produce 100MW at any given time. In one hour, it will have generated 100MWh or megawatthours of energy..for which the user will be charged...if it is a commercial generator.
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    To put it another way, MW is a rate of energy generation, not a quantity of energy generated.
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    How much time does it usually take for a generator that size to turn on to full power when activated?
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    100MW = 100,000,000 Million Joules per SECOND

    Equivalent to 3.1556926 * 10^15 joules per YEAR
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    thanx for the info guys
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