Relativity: radiation caused by a charged particle moving through a magnetic field

  1. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    It is well-known that a charged particle moving in a circle emits electromagnetic radiation (synchrotron radiation). However, any terrestrial laboratory fixed on earth is moving around the sun; does this mean that a charged particle at rest in the laboratory emits synchrotron radiation? explain your answer.

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    Assuming that the lab permeated the magnetic field then in the suns frame of reference i believe there would be synchrotron radiation emitted however i'm unsure of the particles frame of reference. At first i thought that if the particle is at rest in its own relative frame then we must take the magnetic field to be moving and so this would generate the radiation however i've been told this may not be the case and in its own frame there is no radiation but maybe a different effect?

    this is more of a conceptual question in a relativity and gravity course so if anyone could explain this i'd be very thankful
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