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Remote Alarm

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    I have no clue on the first thing to start with. I want to make a remote that signals to a siren/alarm.

    1) what kind of electronics/components would I need for a sensor.
    2) how can I get it to connect to an alarm/siren sound?
    3) where can I purchase the components to make this?
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    depends on what you want to sense ?? you haven't told us
    do you want to sense a change in light level ? maybe a motion?
    a fluid level?

    the sensor, once determined, could be used to trigger a 433MHz radio Transmitter and
    the alarm unit connected to and triggered by the receiver

    depends on what country you are in ??
    for the USA and some countries digikey, mouser and even eBay will source most parts

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    I want to make my own remote control finder and remote key finder
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