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Renewable Energy Prototype

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    i am having problem on making my thesis about renewable energy. I proposed all of the common kinds of renewable energy there is from solar,wind,thermal to biomass but still got nothing approved. Could anyone here please suggest topics for my thesis.. i am really short of time. :frown:. really appreciate it.. Thanks
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What level in school is this thesis/prototype for? Undergraduate senior college level project, or masters thesis, or higher?

    And your title says "project", but your text asks about a thesis subject. Are you building what you are writing about?

    Is a subject like "Energy Conservation via the Smart Grid" a possibility? Is conservation considered a renewable energy "source" for the purposes of this project?
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    oops, i'm sorry i was just so much in a hurry composing the post. Anyway, it is an undergraduate thesis with general topic of renewable energy. Our professor is not allowing us to make a prototype out of the common kinds of renewable energy. He wants us to make a complicated one. I tried the molten salt as solar thermal storage it did not worked with him.
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    also berkeman, I am an Electrical Engineering student graduating this year. I am finding it hard to come up with a good topic cause our professor is really demanding for a topic that is not common and somewhat complicated as what he said. He is also asking us to use a prototype for this research. Thanks for responding to my query.
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    Have you tried asking your professor the question that I asked above?

    Many power utility companies consider energy conservation to be a form of energy, since conservation can replace the generation of new/extra energy. One of the goals of the Smart Grid is to help with energy conservation and distribution, as well as reducing peak demand (which helps to reduce the need to add more energy generation capability).

    So if it might be a topic that would qualify, you would need to research the Smart Grid a bit, especially the features that support energy conservation and reduction of peak energy demand. It could be a very smart and compelling paper.
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    Thank you so much berkeman for this data. I am reading on Smart Grid and it is more inclined into forecasting climate in order to maximize the use of the source. I can integrate it to renewable energy but my professor is requesting for presence of prototypes. I just can't put my finger on how will I make that Smart Grid thing possible considering time-frame given to me which is two months and the cost this entire research will reach. I am lookin at Solar energy to be used in this research will this work? please do enlighten me. I believe I am missing something i just can't put my finger on it. Thank you so much :smile:
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    No I haven't. I am planning to make everything settled like my own questions about this before I present this to my professor. But I am so much interested into this topic there are just few things I need to figure out. :smile:
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    I am an Energy Program Manager in DC; if you want to find an interesting topic, spend some time on the Dept of Energy's website and get a better understanding of what some of the current topics are in the renewable energy space. Additionally, find out what your university is doing to become more sustainable, talk to the sustainability director and see what would be of interest to the school.


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    jim hardy

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    i hope i didnt come across snippy in last post,, which has been since deleted...

    no offense meant - just wanted to suggest a friendly push back at professor and i worded it poorly.

    DOE has a "Small Business Initiative" program
    http://science.energy.gov/sbir/ [Broken]

    i dont know if Eflat is in that part of DOE or not.
    My dealings were with a Ms Feltus, a very nice lady.

    explore that site and see what others are doing - with DOE's help.

    see also awea.org
    what area of counrty are you in?
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    Hi Jim,

    I'm with the local government.
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    Geothermal energy developers plan to pump 24 million gallons of water into the side of a dormant volcano in Central Oregon this summer to demonstrate new technology they hope will give a boost to a green energy sector that has yet to live up to its promise.

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