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Resurrecting dead threads

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    Resurrecting "dead" threads

    I'm wondering if PF has a policy against posting in old threads which haven't had a reply since months back. I mean, if I wanted to discuss something which was already covered by the thread, there can't be anything wrong with posting a question in it, right? The only alternative would be to start a new thread, but that seems like a waste of time to retype the problem when one has already found a relevent thread, especially if I'm not only concerned about the original post but one of the replies to it.

    What's the PF policy regarding this?
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    There is no clear policy on this as it hasn't been a big problem. If it's within a few months, no big deal, but if it's a few years old it's unofficially frowned upon.
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    I think it depends upon the situation.

    If one is providing an update on a topic, then it seems appropriate.

    On the other hand, if the post is a response to someone's comment or request for information, and due to the length of time, the new information is no longer relevant, i.e. it's too late to be of use, then one should start a new thread.

    I think I have brought forward a thread to provide new or updated information, but the thread would be in one of the science or engineering forums.
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    So it's sort of okay I guess? Has anyone ever been warned, officially or unofficially, for resurrecting dead threads?
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    It depends on how or why they resurrected thread. The person might have been warned about their post, not necessarily posting to the old thread.

    Also a very old thread may no longer meet current guidelines and in that case a mentor may request that a new thread be opened if your post meets current guidelines.
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